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KAYM which founded in 1945 to manufacture several types of machines production, has been realized "KAYM " branded several paper cutting machines production for the first time in TURKEY in 1957. We are feeling proud of to serve you, our dear customers by our wide product range consisting of manual, semi & full-automatic paper cutting (guillotine) machines, jogger and other custom-made machines in several sizes and features under KAYM brand. KAYM’s production is covered; Paper Cutting (Guillotine) Machine Series ; ·48 cm Paper Cutting (Guillotine) Machine Group, ·60 cm Paper Cutting (Guillotine) Machine Group, ·78 cm Paper Cutting (Guillotine) Machine Group, ·92 cm Paper Cutting (Guillotine) Machine Group, ·115 cm Paper Cutting (Guillotine) Machine Group, ·137 cm Paper Cutting (Guillotine) Machine Group, ·155 cm Paper Cutting (Guillotine) Machine Group, ·176 cm Paper Cutting (Guillotine) Machine Group, ·215 cm Paper Cutting (Guillotine) Machine Group, ·300 cm Paper Cutting (Guillotine) Machine Group, Trimmer (Three-Knives Cutter)Series; Jogger Series ; Custom-Made Machines ; ·Fiber Glass Cutting Machines, ·Xps - Eps Cutting Lines, ·Key Seating Machines manufacturing too… All our sensitiveness as Kaym are continuity of quality, excellent performance, safety and user friendliness. WHO ARE WE WORKING FOR ? The high speed KAYM Paper Cutting (Guillotine) Machines are high performance machines designed specially for the private-public sector members like; ·Paper Mills, ·Printing Presses, ·Digital Copy Centers, ·Universities, ·Photograf Studios, ·Heavy Duty Printing Facilities based on Private & Governmental enterprises, ·Technical, Industrial & Vocational (High) Schools, and much more enterprise, whom might be needed quick cutting of paper, label-etiquette, plastic, aluminium, pvc film, wood veneer, emery paper, rubber & leather as well as other sheet metarials sensitively.
We are as a EMEKTAR MAKINA have more than 60 years experience in Turkey for providing manufacturing solutions to Turkish Industry. Since 1956 until today, offering metal cutting, machining, sheet metal processing and welding solutions in various sectors as automotive, mould making, aviation, medical and defense industry, with our experienced staff. The world of machine tools is globalized. We need to establish strong alliance to survive the hardship. We became one of the leading companies by unifying our powers, knowledge and experience with producing and importer companies. As long as we’ve known our selves, EMEKTAR MAKINA is a company that provides not only manufacturing solutions to customers but also gives confident, instils hope, and empowers its customers. EMEKTAR MAKINA proud to serve its customers with large product portfolio with unique service concept enhanced with sales and service activities. Due to daily routine and intense business life, many of investors have restricted means to follow advanced technology. The company aims to provide the state-of-the-art technology to its clients and support them with installation, commissioning and after-sales services.
In 1993 Cemax company started its business with activities in machining, hydraulic press service and production. Considering the market gaps and demand form the customers Cemax started to manufacture
Legend consultancy was founded more than 50 years ago with the idea of becoming the leading manufacturing consultant for small, medium, and large-scale enterprises across the globe. Today, we have grown far beyond what we could have ever imagined. We are dedicated to serving our clients, whether they are big corporations or small enterprises. As the premier consulting firm in Turkey, we are well-acquainted with the country’s wide range of vendors and suppliers. Legend consultancy has connections to the most reputable manufacturers, granting us access to resources of the highest quality. The businesses that put their trust in us deserve nothing but the best.